Kittens- how they have grown


Gunner, Layla and Avalon

About a year and 1/2 ago I found a sweet cat on the side of the road. A few weeks after I found her the vet confirmed she was pregnant with three kittens. On September 21, 2014 Zoe gave birth to three healthy kittens, thus starting the adventure into motherhood and raising kittens. 




Zoe in labor

Zoe was in labor for a few hours before she gave birth to Gunner and Layla. Then she took a 7-hour break. Yup 7 hours!!! Avalon was finally born. It is called interrupted labor and can be common in cats.


One of the most important things, when cats give birth is to make sure the kittens are released from their sac and the mother cat starts to clean them. Plus their umbilical cord is cut. For the most part, cats can do everything on their own. They are great at making sure their kittens are taken care of.



Zoe exhausted

Zoe did great but when Avalon was born, she was so tired that I did have to make sure Avalon was cleaned off and dried because kittens can get sick. The other thing to make sure is that the kittens start nursing. I did check them periodically throughout the night and they were nursing. The first nursing is the most important as kittens get their antibodies from their mom’s milk called colostrum.

These kittens were hungry and Zoe did an amazing job over the weeks to clean them, feed them and help them grow into beautiful cats. I did periodically wipe their bottoms to make sure they were going to the bathroom, but other than that Zoe did everything.

The kittens grew and began to explore and play. Luckily I had great friends who came over to help socialize the kittens and great parents who came to watch them when I had to go to a conference for work.

Once the kittens were about 4 months old and eating solid food, my parents adopted Layla and Gunner. I kept Avalon and Zoe together and it has been great seeing them continue to grow into amazing, and well-socialized cats.



Now here they are today! Their dad must have been a big cat because all the kittens are bigger than Zoe. Avalon’s tail is 11 inches long and Gunner’s tail is 12 inches!









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