Unexpected Surprise- Zoe


Zoe likes to hold my hand

It was 10:30pm on a cool evening towards the end of July when I was driving home from a friend’s house in the country. Driving along and singing to one of my favorite bands I saw these bright green eyes reflect off my headlights on the side of the road. Passing by I saw this cat wandering in the shrubs. Of course, I had to stop. She was so close to the road I almost hit her which means someone else could or she could be startled and dart in the road.


Pulling over to the side of the road I thought I was just going to look for a tag and see if I could move her off the shoulder of the road. As I got closer with my headlights shining in her direction I noticed she was very thin. She was curiously looking at me, not running away but taking small steps back as I got closer. When I bent down to stretch out my hand she slowly started coming closer to me. When I tried to pick her up she jumped back. Instead of darting off into the night she continued to look at me.

After a few minutes and a few cars passing by I started to walk around and she followed me. I walked back to me truck and she was curious enough to cross the road and check out my vehicle. I got a better look at her and noticed she was just skin and bones. She had no meat on her and needed food and loving. With some forcing and after a few scratches on my arm I was able to get her into my truck.

Driving home she walked all around the inside of the truck. She finally settled down between the driver’s seat and driver’s door. I called my sister who has rescued stray cats in the past. She gave me advice to put her in the bathroom, buy cat food (wet and dry), litter items, and get her checked by the vet the next day.



Our first night after a good meal

By the time I got her home and settled in the bathroom it was close to midnight. She ate hungrily like she had not had a full meal in weeks. I pulled off 9 ticks from her. She settled down and was able to relax.  The vet said all she needed was food and some tender loving care. I named her Zoe which means life.


Now almost a month later she is healthy, happy and has a


She was so thin

permanent home. Though it took her a while to warm up to me and she spent a good amount of time sleeping in her box, now she is playing like a kitten and loves to be petted. We are working on being a lap cat. Oh and she gets along fine with my rats. Actually, she is a bit scared of them if I let them walk around her. They have their cage and a separate play area that Zoe is not allowed in so they are all doing well with one another!



Now she is healthy and happy

As I think about these past few weeks and rescuing Zoe I can’t help but think about Jesus and what he does for us. He takes the wandering, lost, and hungry home with him to care for. He provides what we need and gives us life. We have to be willing to follow him. He doesn’t force us (which I did force Zoe in the car) but he has a desire to be in our lives and for us to follow him. Though it is scary because we don’t know where he will take us his word says he will never leave us. We can find a permanent home with him and trust that he will provide the shelter, food and love that we need.



One thought on “Unexpected Surprise- Zoe

  1. She has made such a big improvement! I didn’t know Zoe meant life – I like that. Such a good reminder to bring it back to Jesus! 🙂


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