Rats are cuddly…

IMG_3592So most people look at me crazy when I tell them I have pet rats. But I have come to find that these animals are amazing. They live in colonies with each other, which is why it is best to have two or more, and help each other out. Some rats are known to bring food to their sick friend or help them when they are in a bind. They truly love one another yet they also steal from each other to make sure they have what they want.

They don’t smell. They clean themselves more than cats!! Rats can be trained like dogs. Mine come when their names are called and they spin in circles for treats. Some electricians use rats to help carry wires inside the walls. They each have their own personalities and develop as you get to know them. My first two boys Justin and Nicodemus (now gone) were more laid back and loved sitting on my lap. While my current boys, Bruiser (recently passed), Bandit and Bolt are very active and can hardly stay on your lap without wanting to check something new out.

Recently I lost Bruiser to a tumor which rats are prone to get. They can also have upper respiratory issues. Those are some things to watch out for. Rats tend to live only 2-4 years which is sad because they make amazing pets. I think these pets are underrated and most people can’t get past the “vermin”. Pet rats are different than the sewer rats. Pet rats do not have the diseases that sewer rats have and you can get them from a breeder or a pet store. I would not just go out to the street and pick up a rat to take home.

Check out these pics:


Nicodemus (Black) and Justin (White)



Bandit, Bolt and Bruiser. My friend and I dressed them up for Halloween 


Rat Pile! 

Those are my boys!


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